Behind The Scenes


Everything you experience here is home-made, hand-drawn and personally written, recorded, edited and self-published. I've put my heart, soul and mind in it and it's done with the passion I have for disrupting corporate learning. My goal was to provide a great authentic experience that gives you a hands-on approach so that you get inspired to disrupt corporate learning. If I manage just to get you thinking about how to disrupt L&D in your company, I'd feel honoured!

The above image shows you my home studio. I've used the following equipment for recording video:

  • WALIMEX pro Daylight 250s (lights)
  • WALIMEX Background System with Savage Ultramarine paper
  • iPhone X with Filmic Pro (filming)
  • Datacolor SpyderCheckr24 (colour accuracy)
  • Apogee MIC Plus (audio)
  • iMovie (video editing)

For the hand-drawn illustrations, I've used:

  • A5 white paper
  • Stabilo Pen & Markers
  • Fujitsu SCANSNAP iX500 (scanning)

For text writing, I've used:

  • Scrivener
  • Apple Pages
  • Grammerly

For simple illustrations, I've used:

  • Apple Keynote
  • Apple Preview

For editable PDF's, I've used:

  • Adobe PDF

For task management, I've used:

  • Apple Numbers
  • Apple Notes
  • Apple Reminders

For Beta-Testing, I've used:

  • Apple Pages
  • Apple Mail

For the learning experience, I've used:


I've invested about 800 hours in creating, editing and publishing all content. I've been supported by around 30 people in brain-storming, feedback and beta-testing. It wasn't always easy: