31 August 2019 - End of Beta Test Phase

Implemented improvement suggestions

  • you could show the main points you talk about as bulletpoints in the video
  • Add bullet points to videos
  • Add a video summary with keywords
  • Summary per chapter
  • Add a discount for startups and small companies
  • Highlight key messages
  • Overview in the main course how all other courses are linked
  • Add more user-generated content options
  • Add more questions to create more interaction
  • Include free coaching and community
  • Option to upload and discuss your own projects

Improvement suggestions that I am working on

  • handwritten PDFs are difficult to read in parts. It does add to the authenticity
  • there was often the same handwritten PDF shown in the sections, so it seemed incomplete
  • Mentimeter-Content on iPhone not in sync with Desktop
  • How to guides as one pagers
  • Examples of how I did that

Improvement suggestions that I will not implement and why

  • N/A

Improvement suggestions that are outside of my reach

  • Include visual diagrams in the videos
  • Videos with slides

I will not have the resources to execute this. Instead, I have added video summary's and graphics where needed