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Transforming corporate learning from a cost centre towards a competitive advantage in tomorrow's world: a complex challenge that Patrick Veenhoff and his team have successfully mastered. Learn how to align business strategy and corporate learning to drive measurable business impact.

Get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view to learn what it takes to drive such a transformation yourself. Hands-on, practical tips will help you to implement a more mature learning culture in your agile, digitalised company of tomorrow and beyond.

In my role as Head of Corporate Learning at Swisscom Enterprise Customers (Swiss ICT firm - CHF 2.5 Billion turnover), I successfully implemented a disruptive approach to corporate learning with 100% user-generated content for 5000 employees between 2016 - 2018. We achieved following results within a 12-month period:

  • Successfully implemented a self-learning organisation culture
  • Increased learner engagement from 200 to nearly 900 active learners per month
  • Professionalised four key-roles: Account Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Engineer
  • Enabled overall 15% year-on-year L&D savings
  • Reduced onboarding time of new employees by 50%
  • employee-generated content production of 200 trainings
  • Increased L&D NPS by 10%
  • Reduced FTE headcount by 25%
  • Reduced external training costs by 21%

The "AirBnB of Corporate Learning" - approach received three globally recognised awards for learning innovation: 2017 Docebo Learning Innovation Champion, 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70:20:10, 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards/ «Best Use of Social/ Collaborative Learning».

This social learning experience comes bundled with 9 courses, packed with over 250 video lessons, 100s strategies to disrupt, 41 user-generated content lessons, 26 external insights, monthly reverse virtual classrooms, free one-on-one coaching, an exclusive LinkedIn Group and quarterly meet-ups in Zürich, Switzerland). Anyone with a passion for creating the future of corporate learning can, regardless of your background or experience.

Let's transform corporate learning into a competitive advantage together!

All 9 courses included | Approx. 100 hours to complete | L: Master Class

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Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff is a learning performance coach who is passionate about transforming learning to create a business impact in the digital economy. He works with large organisations and EdTech start-ups to transform corporate learning into a competitive advantage that drives measurable business value.
Patrick’s people-centred approach to creating corporate learning solutions enables organisations to close skills gaps by blending modern learning principles, and are accelerated by technology to deliver engaging learning experiences.
His impressive results have earned him several industry awards, including the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning award, the 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70-20-10, and the 2017 Learning Innovation Champion award.
Patrick holds a master’s degree in business administration from Management Center Innsbruck and continuously educates himself on a broad range of topics.



- Why there is a need for disrupting corporate learning

- How to drive business value with corporate learning

- How to co-create the new L&D vision

- How to sell the vision and get appropriate funding & resources

- How to transform the L&D mindset

- How to co-create the new L&D operating model

- How to transform your L&D team

- How to successfully implement the new L&D vision

- How to enable a sustainable learning culture


  • An in-depth, pragmatic and triple award-winning approach on how to successfully disrupt corporate learning
  • 9 value-packed courses (that's over 100 hours, 250 video lessons and 100s strategies for successfully disrupting corporate learning)
  • 41 lessons with User Generated Content, where participants teach and learn from each other
  • 26 lessons providing challenging external insights or experiences
  • 45 lessons that enable you to apply what you learn in your own company directly
  • Monthly Reverse Virtual Classrooms, where you can discuss your disruption challenges with other participants
  • An exclusive members-only LinkedIn Group to exchange amongst fellow disruptors
  • Quarterly Meet-Ups in Zürich, Switzerland to share best practices, fails and finding EdTech StartUps to do pilot projects with
  • Free 30-minute One-on-One Coaching with Patrick in case you get stuck (first 30 mins are free for each new challenge)
  • Becoming a part of the disruption movement that will transform corporate learning into a competitive advantage
  • Access to each lesson on your phone/ tablet through Teachable so you can take me with you on location (and download for offline access)
  • The social learning marketplace experience is in the DNA of this course: you experience hands-on what 5000 people experienced
  • Optional: Lifetime all-access or Monthly subscription all-access

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Courses Included with Purchase

The Need for Disrupting Corporate Learning
From Cost Center to Competitive Advantage
Patrick Veenhoff
Driving Business Value - the new L&D Vision
Repositioning of Value Creation
Patrick Veenhoff
Co-Creating the new L&D Vision
Analysing how to Change
Patrick Veenhoff
Selling the new L&D Vision
Getting the Budget, Resources and Buy-In
Patrick Veenhoff
Transforming the L&D Mindset
Didactics are Dead. Long Live Analytics.
Patrick Veenhoff
Co-Creating the new L&D Operating Model
Concrete, Actionable, Impactful.
Patrick Veenhoff
Transforming the L&D Team
The Learning Organisation Starts Here
Patrick Veenhoff
Successfully Implementing the new L&D Vision
Execution. Execution. Execution.
Patrick Veenhoff
Enabling a Sustainable Learning Culture
Turning Vision Into Culture
Patrick Veenhoff

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- you are a C-Level Executive / Manager / Management Consultant that wants to transform L&D

- you want to know how to make corporate learning have a more significant business impact

- you want to build the bridge between the business and corporate learning

- you want to know how to create a new L&D vision and successfully implement that

- you want an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view how to drive such a transformation yourself

- you like my way of explaining and engaging you to actively and socially participate

- you want to become part of the community that share your goals and enables mutual growth

- you're looking for more advanced training but also beginner enough that you can start from scratch

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Yes - with the free teachable app you can access the courses and download them for viewing whenever you like.
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Yes! Every month there is a Reverse Virtual Classroom where you can ask questions to other like-minded professionals or join the quarterly meet up in Zürich, Switzerland.

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