23 August 2019 - Beta Test Update

Implemented improvement suggestions

  • Mention the target audience, the experience level, the used methodology
  • Providing the content weekly
  • Editable PDF
  • Stripe with color and words to indicate visually if task, how to, or other item
  • Add the feature to increase the speed of videos
  • Enable contacting fellow participants to learn together
  • Make it part of a bigger story, like Digital Transformation.

Improvement suggestions that I am working on

  • handwritten PDFs are difficult to read in parts. It does add to the authenticity
  • you could show the main points you talk about as bulletpoints in the video
  • Include visual diagrams in the videos.
  • there was often the same handwritten PDF shown in the sections, so it seemed incomplete
  • Add bullet points to videos
  • Add a video summary with keywords
  • Mentimeter-Content on iPhone not in sync with Desktop
  • Summary per chapter
  • How to guides as one pagers
  • Examples of how I did that
  • Add a discount for startups and small companies

Improvement suggestions that I will not implement and why

  • A short quiz to see if I learned something

I have implemented tasks that enable participants to apply that what they have learned inside their job. My focus is application and not to only transfer knowledge without any actionable result.

  • 3D, Augmented reality

ROI is bad for me. I have not found a use case yet (outside of e.g. nursing or surgeon training) where the ROI for VR/ AR is positive

  • Make the videos more attractive and fun/ You might cut out short sequences where you swallow or hesitate

I understand what is meant, and this is why I also include insights from other sources, so that it is not only me talking. I choose not to entertain people, but share my knowledge with them in the way that I would talk with anyone in real life. All content is for that reason not scripted and I am speaking based on my experience. I want to share my story in an authentic way rather than a polished marketing style. The additional editing would require too much of my resources, making the production time/ energy explode. If I will get negative feedback on the video content, then I will reshoot of course.

  • Pricing per course on success could be an interesting pricing scheme for individuals
  • Pay only when you achieve the learning goals.

This option is not provided by the teachable platform. I like the idea, also being able to pay upon getting a certificate but unfortunately this is not possible.

Improvement suggestions that are outside of my reach

  • Make sure the app is available on more devices
  • iPad Version
  • iPhone Version: login is hidden
  • Breadcrumb navigation

I have submitted a ticket to Teachable Customer Support to address these topics.

  • German version for Switzerland would be preferred
  • Probably change the video background from time to time so it's not always the same.

I will not have the resources to produce this within the next months