Transforming the L&D Mindset

Didactics are Dead. Long Live Analytics.

To disrupt corporate learning, we need to transform the way we think as L&D professionals. The old beliefs need to make space for the new if we want to have a chance to align business and corporate learning. In this module, we ask the tough questions we need to be asking ourselves before we can start to create the future.

Course 5 of 9 of Corporate Learning Disrupted | Approx. 15 hours to complete | L: Advanced

Skills covered in this course: Social Learning Mindset, Learning Standards, Business Acumen

Your Instructor

Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff is a corporate learning and development innovator whose mission is to shape the future of corporate learning. He works with large organisations and EdTech start-ups to transform corporate learning into a competitive advantage that drives measurable business value.
Patrick’s people-centred approach to corporate learning enables organisations to close their skill gaps by blending formal learning principles with user-generated content and peer-to-peer learning.
His impressive results have earned him several industry awards, including the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning award, the 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70-20-10, and the 2017 Learning Innovation Champion award.
Patrick holds a master’s degree in business administration and management from Management Center Innsbruck as well as advanced certificates in data science and leadership coaching.



- How to transform your mindset as Head of Corporate Learning

- How to redefine corporate learning

- How to deliver tangible results on an intangible topic

Course Curriculum

  A Short Reflection Before Starting
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  Turn This into a Social Learning Experience
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days after you enroll
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- you are a C-Level Executive / Manager / Management Consultant that wants to transform L&D

- you want to know how to make corporate learning have a more significant business impact

- you want to build the bridge between the business and corporate learning

- you want to know how to create a new L&D vision and successfully implement that

- you want an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view how to drive such a transformation yourself

- you like my way of explaining and engaging you to actively and socially participate

- you want to become part of the community that share your goals and enables mutual growth

- you're looking for more advanced training but also beginner enough that you can start from scratch


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