Co-Creating the new L&D Vision

Analysing how to Change

Driving significant change inside an organisation requires buy-in. Getting there means that you have to be able to speak at eye-level with critical decision-makers about the business issues they face. Not only the long-term strategy but even more what their daily operational struggles are. Learning inside an organisation is a cultural question above all else. You need to work with the people and get them to take ownership of driving that change. In that process, it is essential to understand why you are changing what, who is going to be the beneficiary and how can you make that transformation go as smooth as possible. With a co-creation approach, you are taking the first step in achieving that.

Course 3 of 9 of Corporate Learning Disrupted | Approx. 10 hours to complete | L: Intermediate

Skills covered in this course: Business Analysis, Business Modeling, Co-Creation

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Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff
Patrick Veenhoff is a learning performance coach who is passionate about transforming learning to create a business impact in the digital economy. He works with large organisations and EdTech start-ups to transform corporate learning into a competitive advantage that drives measurable business value.
Patrick’s people-centred approach to creating corporate learning solutions enables organisations to close skills gaps by blending modern learning principles, and are accelerated by technology to deliver engaging learning experiences.
His impressive results have earned him several industry awards, including the 2018 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning award, the 2018 Charles Jennings Awards for Excellence in 70-20-10, and the 2017 Learning Innovation Champion award.
Patrick holds a master’s degree in business administration from Management Center Innsbruck and continuously educates himself on a broad range of topics.



- How to analyse your company

- How to co-create the future vision of L&D

- What change management considerations there are

Course Curriculum

  A Short Reflection Before Starting
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  Turn This into a Social Learning Experience
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- you are a C-Level Executive / Manager / Management Consultant that wants to transform L&D

- you want to know how to make corporate learning have a more significant business impact

- you want to build the bridge between the business and corporate learning

- you want to know how to create a new L&D vision and successfully implement that

- you want an in-depth, behind-the-scenes and non-sugarcoated view how to drive such a transformation yourself

- you like my way of explaining and engaging you to actively and socially participate

- you want to become part of the community that share your goals and enables mutual growth

- you're looking for more advanced training but also beginner enough that you can start from scratch


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